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4-H is the youth development program of Rutgers Cooperative Extension. The County 4-H Agent is a Rutgers faculty member. Warren County has a 4-H agent and also has 2 paid county staff called program assistants.

4-H members have the opportunity to learn life skills through all 4-H activities. Life skills are those abilities youth need to develop into responsible adults. They include:
  • enhancing learning skills
  • strengthening and using decision-making skills
  • developing a positive self-concept
  • communicating with and relating to other people
  • responding to the needs of others and of the community

  • Answers to Questions You Want to Know About 4-H - excellent fact sheet on the basics of 4-H.

    The emblem is a four-leaf clover with a capital H in each leaf, standing for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. To use the 4-H name and official 4-H emblem, federal law requires approval by the county 4-H office.

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