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The Warren County 4-H Teen Council is a youth adult partnership where youth work alongside adults, learning leadership, communication and organizational skills. Annual events for the council include: Selling ice cream at the Warren County Farmers' Fair, Winter Camp weekend at 4-H Camp, North Jersey Teen Conference Weekend. The Annual 4-H Renaissance Faire is their main fundraiser, which funds the Teen Russian/American International Leadership program (TRAIL)

Leaders: Alayne Torretta, Lisa Zittis, Michelle Teitsma and Nick Pope

# of members: 8

Ages of Members: Range from 13-18

Club meets: first Wednesday of the month at the 4-H Office at 4 p.m.

The club is open to new members at this time. For more information, contact Alayne Torretta at (908) 475-6502 or send an email to torretta@njaes.rutgers.edu