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County 4-H Agent, Alayne Torretta, has been with Warren County since September of 2000. Primary responsibilities include:

  • youth-at-risk programming
  • volunteer development
  • state and federal reporting
  • promoting the county program
  • county 4-H website design and maintenance
  • 4-H shows at the county fair
  • Teen Council
  • supervision of 4-H staff
  • crisis prevention training
  • NJ state 4-H Leadership and Personal Development Committee
  • NJ state 4-H Volunteer Management Committee
  • 4-H club charters and annual tax reporting
  • Warren County 4-H Council Of Presidents

  • 4-H Program Associate, Michelle Teitsma, joined the team the winter of 2015, and previously was a 4-H program associate in Sussex County for 12 years. Primary responsibilities are the club program, including:
  • school enrichment
  • public presentations
  • Teen Council
  • county newsletter
  • achievement night/Fall Festival
  • 4-H shows at the county fair
  • NJ state 4-H Animal Science Committee
  • Warren County 4-H Council Of Presidents

  • 4-H Secretary, Alex Zolla, has been with the Warren County program since December 2010. Primary responsibilities include:
  • receptionist
  • club reports
  • Organizational records
  • data base management - Access software and statewide life skills reporting
  • assist with county newsletter
  • assist with state and federal reporting
  • organization of 4-H building/materials at the fair