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One of the best things about being in Warren County 4-H is participating in the annual Warren County Farmers' Fair!

While 4-H doesn't run the fair, we are a big part of it! You can check us out fair week at the animal livestock buildings, the horse barn, poultry barn and the 4-H building. New and creative exhibits can be found next to some old favorites that make participating in 4-H a exciting tradition!

For this year's general fair information, you can go right to the fair's main website. You'll find the link in the green frame to the left!

The 4-H Show Rule Book is on the web now!

Below are the forms needed to sign up for shows. They are due to the office on June 30!

Warren County Farmers' Fair 4-H/FFA Rule books

  • Open Seeing Eye Dog Show Rule Book
  • 2016 4-H/FFA Show Rule Book

  • Warren County Farmers' Fair 4-H Entry Forms

    Entry forms may be emailed to 4-h@co.warren.nj.us , faxed to (908) 475-6514 or sent US Postal mail to the Warren County 4-H Office.

  • 4-H Building Watch - used for signing youth up to do a 2 hour shift in the 4-H building during fair week
  • 4-H Club Booth Exhibit - For clubs who will exhibit in the 4-H building during fair week.
  • Milk booth sign up form for individuals or families who wish to sell milk shakes at the fair **Note: new format and product! There will be a training required for all individuals who wish to learn how to make milkshakes.
  • Cloverbud Participation entry form
  • - used to sign up for Cloverbud (K-3) activities in the 4-H building.

  • Public Presentation entry form
  • - used to sign up for giving a judged public presentation in the 4-H building

  • Alpaca Entry Form

  • Archery Match entry form
  • Air Rifle Match entry form
  • Field Archery Match entry form
  • Beef Show entry form
  • Bowmanship (archery) entry form
  • Bowmanship (archery) Guide. To give you an overview of what to expect and to prepare you for the event.
  • Conservation exhibit entry form
  • Creative Crafts, Fine Arts, Needlework, and Woodcraft entry form. The Creative Crafts, Fine Arts, Needlwork,and Woodcraft goal sheet must be attached to EACH item submitted
  • Dairy Show entry form
  • Entomology exhibit entry form
  • Foods and Nutrition entry form. The Recipe Card must be filled out and submitted with entry form
  • Foresty Exhibit entry form
  • Goat Show entry form
  • Horse Shows - entry forms, including, stall applications, and participant agreement form
  • Horticulture Show entry form
  • Livestock Trail entry form
  • Photography Entry Form

  • Poultry Show - entry form
  • Rabbit Show entry form
  • Rabbit Hopping entry form
  • Roller Derby Skill A Thon entry form
  • Seeing Eye Dog Show entry form
  • Sheep Show entry form
  • Small Animal entry form
  • Swine Show entry form
  • Veterinary Science exhibit entry form
  • Wildlife & Fisheries exhibit entry form

  • Youth who have responsibilities of caring for their animals after fair hours may stay overnight with parental consent and supervision. The paperwork must be approved by your leader and the 4-H office. ONLY members who are herdsmen or taking care of their own horse may stay overnight.

    First, select whether you are applying to be a hersdman, or for a tent/trailer application. Only adults 21 years of age or older can sign the tent/trailer application.

  • 4-H Trailer/Tent Application - used for applying to stay overnight at the fairgrounds during fair week. Only adults 21 years of age or older may apply for a tent/trailer application. By signing the tent/trailer application, you are agreeing to follow the Warren County Farmers' Fair. All adults must have been background checked specifically for the purpose of 4-H Youth Development. Other finger printing you may have done for work or other youth organizations cannot be used for this purpose according to NJ State Law. Those who are not on 4-H's approved list may be removed from the fairgrounds by security. Call the 4-H office to learn how to get background checked for this purpose.
  • Herdsman Application Packet for youth to apply to be herdsmen for their club. Herdsmen stay over night at the fairgrounds but do not sleep in tents/trailers. Herdsmen sleep in the barns with the animals. By filling out the herdsman application you are agreeing to adhere to the WCFF policies and the guidelines for herdsmen. All forms must be completed in the packet.
  • ALL applications MUST be accompanied by permission/behavior forms for EACH person staying overnight (including leaders, parents, and tag along children of parents and leaders who can sign their name). The permission/behavior forms are in the packets in the links above. Warren County 4-H and the Warren County Farmers' Fair Directors reserve the right to revoke or deny a request to stay over night.

    Please know that a list of names will be given to security, who reserve the right to remove any adult or child from the fairgrounds at any time for violation of the policies. This is not a 4-H rule, but a policy of the Warren County Farmers' Fair. It is for your safety and the safety of our youth.