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Click here for entry forms for the Warren County Farmers' Fair.

Here is a brief list of the most commonly used forms used for participating in 4-H.

  • 4-H Event Permission Form for Youth - used for any county or state 4-H events
  • New Jersey 4-H Event Release/Agreement Form for Adults - to be used by any adult (volunteer and non-volunteer) who participates in a county or state event.
  • New Jersey 4-H Adult Volunteer Application Form - to be used when an adult is interested in volunteering in Warren County 4-H. Click here for more information about the volunteer process.
  • Warren County Award Application page - to be submitted with project record books by mid September (Usually September 15).
  • Welcome to 4-H! A Guide for New 4-H Club Members and Their Parents - to be used with new members.
  • Outstanding 4-Her award, which is given to a youth for an outstanding 4-H career. All Warren County 4-H members are eligible to apply for the this one time award.

    In 4-H, it is not necessary to own an animal to participate in a livestock project area. Youth may "borrow" an animal from another 4-Her, a neighbor, a leader, etc. The lease/borrow form is to be filled out by all 4-H’ers whose project animal(s) fall under the Leased/Loaned category of ownership. A Leased/Loaned animal is an animal whose Legal Owner is anyone other than the 4-H Member..