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How to Start a 4-H Club

Once you have reviewed the fact sheet on the basics of how to start a 4-H club, contact Alayne Torretta , County 4-H Agent, to share your ideas for volunteering in Warren County 4-H.

You will also need to complete the following forms:

  • NJ 4-H Adult Volunteer Application Form
  • NJ 4-H Adult Volunteer Registration Form (call the office at 475-6502 for a hard copy)

  • Please know that we will ask for three references on the Volunteer Application. In addition to selecting individuals who know your skills with working with youth, it is wise to select those who "follow through" with such tasks. Many times the process is delayed due to delays in obtaining the proper documents.

    You will receive a letter from the 4-H Agent stating that your confidential reference forms have been reviewed and are/are not acceptable. If acceptable, you'll be asked to make an appointment to meet with the Agent for your orientation packet and the signing of the Volunteer Agreement. Appointments are generally an hour in length and are available weekdays, evenings, or weekends to suit your schedule.